Aqua - The water snake (Nerodia sipedon)
When I first found Aqua, he was in a real predicament, He had wandered under a large flat rock most likely to find food, and wound up in a COLD water spring that never goes above 40 degrees. Aqua was not mobile at the time due to the cold temperatures, and winter was approaching, this would have frozen Aqua solid and killed him, so I brought Aqua home and warmed him up a bit. He has been a good snake, eats well and is quite active, but Aqua will never be a "friendly" snake, he is fine as long as we have glass between us, and flips out whenever anyone touches him. He is comical to watch, as he sits eyeing the water bowl waiting for fish!

      Aqua is roughly the size of a small male Garter Snake at about 20 inches.
  Currently Aqua resides in a nice tank with
moss substrate and natural rock hides.

We trap Aqua's own natural food and emulate the natural environment of the snake,
the only time he gets any handling is when I clean out his home. and we are both fine with that.