Cain - The Ball Python
On 4/30/2008 We removed "Cain" from a home with less than optimal care. His water bowl had green slime in it, Cain had retained eye caps, he was constipated, had no light cycles (always a party in the room) or hides provided. The cage had not been cleaned in 4 months! Forced air heat in the apartment with a screen cover over the tank, The list goes on..... he was a decoration animal (to put it kindly)

Once we got him back here, I put him in a warm bath tub, and within minutes he passed massive feces, there was bedding bark impacted in it with a huge amount of mouse hair. If you click the thumbnail of him in the bath tub, you can see the swelling near his tail, after his poo, it went down. Zoo Med shedding aid was sprayed on his eyes, and we changed down his enclosure.

  Cane has now begun eating rats, rats are bigger, and he needs less feedings. He has been out in the yard several times to stretch and get some real sunlight. He really seems to enjoy it outside.        

Cain is a huge commitment, he is approximately 2 years old now, with a life span that may reach anywhere from thirty to fifty years, that's a lot of mice and a lot of care that sadly too many people fail to understand.

Long after the initial novelty is over the snake still remains. Before purchasing a ball python please look into your local animal shelters first, Ball Pythons are dumped as frequently as Iguanas.

Thanks for reading. And here is Cain... Living large
He likes my warm arm.
He just arrived at his new home
Here is his first swim to soften stuck shed.
His first yummy rat!