Chomper - Our Savannah Monitor
  Chomper was obtained as a hatchling and we have been raising him nearly a year now. Chomper is fun, but a
very serious commitment. Think long and hard before considering a monitor lizard as a pet.

  Our Savannah is nearly 3 feet long and under a year old, His primary diet is giant roaches and rodents with
occasional turkey as a treat. His "Cage" is huge and he is ready for his next upgrade an 8 foot long super enclosure.

These lizards are a high maintenance animal that will consume a lot of money and time.

Please ensure you can offer the correct conditions before considering one of these as a pet.

If you are willing to devote the time, money and space required to keep one PROPERLY Monitor lizards
can be a rewarding experience to have around.

Be sure to click the photo gallery button for some super shots of Chomper living large.!