When I was first approached about "Mr. Greeny" I was moved that I was asked to care for him for the rest of his days, and feel blessed that folks like Sonja at http://www.roxiesfund.org/ are around to care.

Sadly Mr. Greeny passed away during the efforts to rescue him, This page is a tribute to Mr. Greeny and all the other snakes that are imported to the US each year only to die as a result of improper or lack of care.  Many times collectors jump on pretty animals even if no one understands them, there's always a market for the unique, and as long as folks will pay, the importations will continue.

Mr. Greeny was a Cyclophiops Major, also known as Asian Green Snake, they are one of the most misunderstood snake species, they require special care. I am preparing the first (to my knowledge) care sheet and advice page hoping to give at least a few of these beautiful, majestic and gentle snakes a chance to survive and live meaningful lives in captivity. 

  Below is a snapshot of Mr. Greeny before he passed away, This poor animal had been neglected, his eyes were messed up, and he refused to eat. Normally an Asian Green would not hold still on the ground like this.    R.I.P. Mr Greeny , Godspeed & Slither on in the sky.
If you would like to see a healthy example of this majestic species, click the button.
The collection process - These snakes are arboreal and live in trees, they instinctively will
wrap tightly around limbs to secure themselves, often resulting in the snake being injured during the capture. They are collected in masses, often packed together in writhing gobs this unfortunatly promotes the spread of any disease or parasites.

I know first hand that certain reptile dealers will keep several in one "low boy" type tank until they are sold, the poor snakes rub their noses raw trying to go UP, our Limon arrived with several chipped scales and his nose was rubbed raw! undoubtedly from trying to get past the screen cover over the 10 gallon tank!!!

Mr. Greeny is only one example, this same exact process repeats somewhere every day!
Sadly, Limon is in this photo. I can see stuck shed on one, and where are the trees?
This is just wrong.. and very unfortunate. Limon is so much happier now, he has to be!