The wonderful Garter Snake
Thank you for visiting my Garter Snake page. If you reside anywhere from northern Mexico to Southern Alaska, you most likely have Garter snakes very near by. They are very adaptable to changes in the enviroment around them, so colonies can even exist in larger city parks, industrial or agricultural areas.

I'm not going to drone on with a bunch of scientific data, there are plenty of web sites available for that purpose. I personally have been studying our local colony, rather casually, but noting my observations along the way.  Where we live there is an abundance of eastern Garter snakes, Thamnophis Sirtalis Sirtalis.

The colorations of these animals vary so widely that no two look exactly alike! We have orange ones, yellow ones, green ones and some rare red specimens crawling about! Special thanks To Scott Felzer of for producing some of the wildest garter snake morphs known to man.

The photos in my gallery include several examples of these variations,  However I do need to spend some time and sort these pictures in a fashion that makes sense!

Scott Felzer produces some HOT flames!

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An Eastern Black Neck Garter Snake right after eating.